JS strongly believes and follows the concept of Kaizen “change for the better”, refers to philosophy of continuous improvement of processes which will provide maximum satisfaction to our Guest. JS believes in providing innovative holiday ideas to its guests. It has hence created unique concepts to cater to travelers’ ever-evolving needs, which have been acknowledged as innovations in the Pakistan Tourism Industry. Naturally, they have also translated into wide smiles on the faces of happy guests!

Popular Family Tours:

JS offers the largest number of Family tour options in the Pakistan tourism industry with more than 50 points of northern areas of Pakistan. We provide Honeymoon tours for the newlyweds, Excited tour for Whole Family, Exclusive tours for Seniors known as Second Innings, Students Special tours.

Happy Hours: JS created with the idea of giving an opportunity to every Person, with a budget constraint but a passion to travel. We provide best arrangements of traveling. JS offers you a variety of packages – with responsible prices, meals, no hidden costs and much more.